• Orchestra of Samples

    We're now performing and touring our AV project Orchestra of Samples.

    Having filmed recording sessions with over 200 musicians in more than twenty five countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, we've created a unique archive to sample from. We've then produced new music, fusing all manner of instruments and genres, creating a digital supergroup of international artists who never met but play together on screen.

    More info on the project's own website here and here's a short trailer...

  • Addictive TV @ GMIC 2016, China

    In May 2016 we were asked to perform at the opening ceremony of the Global Mobile Internet Conference. The event took place in the Birds Nest Olympic Stadium in Bejing, China.

    GMIC take place annually in San Francisco and in Beijing, but also a number of other Asian cities, including Istanbul and Tokyo. Hosting tens of thousands of attendees from more than 60 countries, GMIC highlights how mobile technology is changing every industry today.

  • Addictive TV remix 'Vikings' series

    Remixing Vikings, the latest US hit series has gone under the knife of Addictive TV, as we were asked to create a short audio/visual track from sampling the show for a live event for it's launch.

    An historical drama series written by Michael Hirst (who wrote the BBC's The Tudors and the feature film Elizabeth), Vikings is based on the tales of Viking warrior Ragnar Lodbrok, one of the best-known Norse heroes and reviled in medieval England for his daring raids.

    Here's our remix on the right...

  • ADDICTIVE TV: Blow Up for Arte

    Celebrating the 100th edition of their specialist cinema programme called "Blow Up", German-French television channel Arte commissioned Addictive TV to remix Antonioni's influential classic 1966 movie Blow Up.

    As well as sampling the movie, we of course sampled Herbie Hancock's original soundtrack with that same sample Deee Lite used in their 90's hit Groove is in the Heart.

    If you can read French, for more info on Arte's Blow Up cinema show, click here.

Our album of Orchestra of Samples is out now with label !K7. Listen to tracks and get the album here and check out the project's website.